13 Foods That Fight Sunburn

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I’ll admit it. As a redhead, I should be very careful about the sun. Vampire careful. I’ve already had two bouts of basal cell skin cancer … both on my face.

Ever since that first diagnosis years ago, I’ve really tried to slather on the sunscreen and stay in the shade when outside during the summer. While I am much better today than I was in my teens (baby oil!), I  do still have my lapses. Although nowadays, they’re more likely to be that I didn’t apply a high-enough SPF instead of none at all. Like our May trip to the Outer Banks. SPF 15 seemed good enough, but no. Both my husband and I got a good-ole-that’s-gonna-peel burn. We did go out the next day and get SPF 50, but too much too late.

While I will try to be more diligent, I’m glad that the folks over at Organic Gardening have posted 13 Foods to Soothe or Prevent Sunburn. Most of these foods we all have in our pantry: potatoes, cucumbers, tea bags, lettuce and white vinegar.

So before you head outside, make sure you have enough SPF. But if you forget (Shame on you!), check out Organic Gardening’s produce poultices.

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