A Few of Our Favorite Things from the NY Gift Fair

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While exploring the At Home section of the New York International Gift Fair last month, my two staging colleagues and I were intrigued by all the design eye candy. Styles ran from luxurious elegance to industrial chic.

Everything old is new again as seen in the booth of Breck Armstrong of Moss Studios. The booth was filled with salvaged recycled items that evoked the past: bowling pin lamps, tennis racquet mirrors, movie reel tables, old projectors and spools, bicycle wheels, rolling pins and so many other items were turned into functioning decorative pieces. With a unique and ever-changing collection of industrial salvage, Breck creates “industrial modern” furniture and home accessories in his Michigan barn. FYI, industrial is very hot right now.

Sue Corbo, co-owner of Attention2Detail, says this is a great way to recycle that stuff in your garage or attic. “What a creative and useful way to showcase family treasures instead of just storing them in a closet.” Sue, her partner Bernadette Flaim and I spent a lot of time in Breck’s booth taking in many of the salvaged pieces on display. It stirred up childhood memories for each of us. Sue loved the idea of turning her father’s movie projector into a lamp. Breck will work with your own items.

The 2012 color of the year, tangerine tango, popped up in a few booths both in décor and decorative accessories throughout Pier 94.

A standout every year is The Ross Art Group of original vintage posters. They are big, bold and whimsical and will appeal by their colors or content. As an Italian born and raised on pasta who is now gluten free, I couldn’t help but love the giant poster of spaghetti swirled around a fork. I call it “Gluten on Fork.”

My eye is always attracted to all things turquoise and I was not disappointed in a few chairs and a headboard, all from different companies but presented in a soft velvet fabric. Then there is my need to try out small-sized chairs to see if my feet can touch the ground. (Yup, that’s me in the photo) Hey, it’s what I do to entertain myself and it truly brings me joy when I make contact.

Funky lamps also get my attention but, truth be told, after awhile pillows and throws start looking the same. We all have our “thing.” We did see a bunch of lighting that featured Edison bulbs. My friends tell me they are readily available wherever light bulbs are sold. Who knew?

Another booth caught our eye. COUEF by Jamie Schachtel stands for Chair-Ottoman-Upholstered-End Table-Furniture. Each piece in the line created by Jamie Schachtel is custom made with a variety of fabric and base selections, including tile. Very stylish and practical ottomans and coffee tables feature a pullout drawer which makes a nice landing spot for your beverage.

The “oomph” booth intrigued me with its high-gloss lacquered mirrors and occasional tables. OK, the turquoise mirror caught my eye but I also love the definition of oomph: personal charm or magnetism, glamour, sex appeal, punch, vitality. After all, who doesn’t want to add some oomph to their life?

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