A Food Allergy Christmas

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I put this little ditty together from the perspective of the cook who often needs to host us. I know we can be a handful, we folk with allergies and sensitivities and what not. So hats off to the cooks who see to our well-being, no matter what the challenge. Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas
And all I could think
Were of gluten-free cookies
And dairy-free drinks.

Brownies? Or cupcakes? Or cake pops on sticks?
Surely I could wield a few kitchen tricks.
But the nuts — they could be dangerous too
So I had to be careful for you-know-who.

And of course, the nog — but how dairy-free?
Why must all these people vex me?!
They itch, and they blister, and complain of aches
Just because they ate floured cakes.

And god forbid they sip some milk
How did I get stuck with such ilk?
I tried to think of someone to call
Before I started to, frankly, bawl.

I rang up Santa, and said, “Listen here,
I know you’re all magic with your sled and reindeer.
But I really need help of a different sort
And I need it before you zoom into port.

I have all these guests with food allergies
And it’s so complicated, I’m on my knees
Begging for ways to treat them well
Instead of telling them to go to…the neighbor’s.”

“Fear not, my dear,” said he with a grin,
“I will arm you with tools to WIN!
See Shauna and Elana and Brittany and Sloane
Their ideas will guide you home.”

“Eureka!” I cried and twirled in the air
Christmas was saved — and served with flair.
My guests were amused, and very well fed,
And I sighed with relief as I went to bed.


Merry Christmas to all, whatever you eat.
I love you, even without dairy and wheat.
For at my table, there is always space
For everyone to eat with grace.

So show some pity and friendship indeed
To those with special diet needs
We want to join in, and stay healthy too
But most of all, we love being with you!

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Catherina Lucy March 15, 2013 at 5:07 am

Nice post! .I really enjoyed reading this article.Thanks for the share.



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