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If you are in chronic pain, have Fibromyalgia, or need to go gluten-free to manage any number of conditions (from Celiac disease to diabetes) — we have created a haven for you here to find information, respite and people who understand what you are going through.

And lest you think this site doesn’t apply to you, we offer you this caveat: Chronic stress is the leading contributor to these illnesses, so if stress is present in your life, you belong here, too. (We’re looking at you, Type-As.)

We invite you to consider Zenfully Delicious as your home on the web, where we will ply you with treats and the how of wellness — not just the what. Just about any publication will tell you what you should do to stay healthy — knowing is the easy part. It’s putting it into action, and actually doing it, that makes the difference. It’s why we’re building out our exclusive Wellness Coaching Program to give you the health and wellness coaching, emotional support and practical tools for managing your wellness with ease. Our introductory member offer is now closed to enrollment, but we will post an announcement when the next enrollment period is open.

Most importantly, we are here to show you that even with a chronic illness, you can live a delicious life. Anything less is just silly.

And you might be wondering who the heck we are (see the whole team here). You’ll find out much more about us — and our own health challenges — in the coming months, but we are a team of individuals committed to helping you feel, look and live your best. We also love food and wine, and many of us have made a career of it, so we’re equally dedicated to delivering flavor and texture to your senses.