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I don’t know about you, but I can’t make gravy to save my life. It hasn’t really come back to haunt me, that one Thanksgiving I hosted for co-workers at the newspaper aside, especially now that I can let my husband do it. He makes a damn fine gravy, so I’ve never bothered to learn. Plus, we really don’t eat anything that calls for it except on the holidays.

So, while I was perusing my latest ProChef SmartBrief from the Culinary Institute of America, I found a link to a Washington Post article by Robert L. Wolke, a professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh and a former Food section columnist. He delves into the food science behind common holiday food flubs such as why mashed potatoes get gummy and how to avoid lumpy spackle gravy.

If you fall into that gravy boat (pardon the pun), then read his article before you pull out that hand mixer. Your guests will thank you.


A cornucopia of holiday recipes

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Whether you’ve been gluten- or dairy-free forever, are new to these diets or have someone in your life who has restrictions, there are enough holiday recipes (more than 75!) to keep you happily cooking and baking well into the new year.

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The Dark Depressing Days of Winter

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As the days get shorter and darker, do you find yourself feeling a bit blue? It may not be the holidays. It may be seasonal effective disorder. Read on to see what causes it and how you can cope.

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How Barbara Barry Achieves Serenity

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I’ve been a fan of Barbara Barry for ages. No matter what she is designing, her style is classic and timeless.  As a furniture designer for Baker, I envision chichi martini parties and witty banter. As a luggage designer for Hartmann, I envision grand tours of the capitals of Europe. As a fabric designer for Kravet, […]

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10 Allergy-Fighting Foods

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I’ll go on record as saying that while spring isn’t technically here yet, this is the worst allergy season on record. I’d prefer not to have to welcome spring in a med-induced fog, so I was delighted to see this post on Rodale’s website: 10 Foods That Fight Spring Allergies.

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