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I’ve been a fan of Barbara Barry for ages.

No matter what she is designing, her style is classic and timeless.  As a furniture designer for Baker, I envision chichi martini parties and witty banter. As a luggage designer for Hartmann, I envision grand tours of the capitals of Europe. As a fabric designer for Kravet, her soft colors and patterns beckon me to caress them and wrap myself in their softness. As a rug designer for Tufenkian, I want to take my shoes off and splay my toes through the wool and silk. She also designs for Ann Sacks Tile & Stone, Boyd Lighting, Global Views, Henredon, McGuire and Wedgwood.

I believe that beauty is healing and inspiring; I want to help others see beauty in all areas of their lives.

Her soothing colors, her luxurious fabrics, her sophistication have always impressed me, so when I was given the opportunity to have breakfast with her (alright, there were a host of other writers and designers there) to see her new collection for Baker, I jumped at the chance to talk with her about how she achieves serenity in her own home.

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10 Allergy-Fighting Foods

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I’ll go on record as saying that while spring isn’t technically here yet, this is the worst allergy season on record. I’d prefer not to have to welcome spring in a med-induced fog, so I was delighted to see this post on Rodale’s website: 10 Foods That Fight Spring Allergies.

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Should you cleanse?

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Another new year. Another vow to lose the weight, eat better, get healthy. Good for you. But are you going to do it the right way? We thought we’d take a look at cleanses, which many use as a quick way to drop the pounds, and give you a little food for thought.

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How to be the Low-Calorie Life of the Party

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Overdosing on a season of hors d’oeuvres and tight pants? Fear not. You can make it through and keep a rein on what goes into your body. This time around, end the year on a health(ier) note by sticking to these nibbles at your next bash.

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Finally! A Real Beer That’s Gluten Free

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Yes, you can have a beer. And you will love it. Thanks to Omission beer and the CEO and brewmaster, who have a vested interest in giving celiacs a great beer experience.

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