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Elizabeth Gordon, author of  The Complete Allergy-Free Comfort Foods Cookbook,
shares some of her favorite recipes with us. She writes, “We are huge fans of risotto. Though this version is loaded with green spring vegetables, there is no reason your risotto can’t contain any number of other ingredients. Use this recipe as a basic starting point and then add whatever vegetables you have in your refrigerator, sautéed. Or, omit all the vegetables and just add a handful of herbs and a little lemon zest. If you are not vegetarian, you could also make this recipe with some leeks and a handful of crisp bacon sprinkled on top. With one recipe and a little imagination, you can easily make a month’s worth of simple dinners.”
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Chicken Tacos with Mango-Avocado Salsa

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These tacos are perfect for a quick weekday supper or a casual make-them-yourself dinner party.

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Dairy-Free Summer Treats

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As the temperatures go up, aches and pains can flare along with the sun, so it’s important to keep cool. And yes, we can cool from outside of the body with air conditioning, but why not add a little temperature drop from the inside with a few summer favorites? We have a few dairy-free options […]

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Will Subway Have Gluten-Free Sandwiches?

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At a recent VIP evening with Fred DeLuca, founder of Subway, Jennifer inquired about Subway’s exploration with gluten-free. Several locations recently tested gluten-free sandwiches in several locations after owners recognized a demand in the marketplace.

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Fibromyalgia has no cure. But it does have a solution.

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Jennifer has been working with her cohorts, including Dr. Steven Geanopulos, our coaching team and experts, to provide a better way — one that actually offers a solution to fibromyalgia. It is backed by science and experience, and we will soon offer it to you.

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