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Moooood music. It’s good for all of us. With 15 years under her belt as an entertainment editor/writer, our Editor at Large Robin A. Rothman has a borderline insane love of pop culture and an even more insane collection of music. In addition to writing occasional articles, she’ll keep our spirits upbeat as the Zenfully Delicious DJ. A firm believer in so-called “Mix-Tape Therapy,” she’ll share mini-playlists that compile great grooves for every occasion. Find her on Facebook or Spotify.

Note: You’ll need the Spotify player to listen to these (download it free here).

Happy listening!

ArtworkTitle & Description
New Year 2013New Year 2013
And so we wrap up another amazing year. Ring in New Year 2013 with this eclectic set!
Christmas Carols 2012Christmas Carols 2012
It's always fun to hear classic holiday tunes interpreted by great artists. Tony Bennett, Carrie Underwood, Annie Lennox and more have come a'calling with Christmas Carols 2012!
Christmas Spirit 2012Christmas Spirit 2012
One week to go until the wrapping paper flies and the Let's get into the Christmas Spirit 2012!
Joy, Peace and Cosmic LoveJoy, Peace and Cosmic Love
Here's wishing everyone endless Joy, Peace and Cosmic Love!
Ode to DecemberOde to December
It's the month of Sagittarians, snowballs and Santa Claus. Let's kick it off with an Ode to December.
It Happened in NovemberIt Happened in November
Enjoy a blast from Novembers past with these live performances.
Thankful ForThankful For
Let’s take a moment this Thanksgiving week give thanks for the absolute essentials in our lives.
A Date in NovemberA Date in November
Six songs that celebrate a special November date in their very title.
A New November 2012A New November 2012
Mark the beginning of November with this eclectic mix of music.
Class DismissedClass Dismissed
Any minute the school bell's about to ring. Put that reading list together and get your inner child ready for Summer Vacation!
Songs in BloomSongs in Bloom
Take some time to stop and smell the roses, or at least to listen to songs about them... and orchids, and sunflowers, and...
May BeMay Be
MAY this month be treating you as well as you deserve to be treated.
Mom's HomageMom's Homage
Mother's Day is this Sunday... Let's celebrate all the amazing ladies out there who have the hardest (and most rewarding) job in the world!
Take to the SkyTake to the Sky
It's a bird... it's a plane... it's your spirit flying high!
Spring Has SprungSpring Has Sprung
Celebrate the turning of the season (and hopefully the end of snow)!
Irish GoldIrish Gold
Have a wee bit o' St. Patrick's Day fun with this set of Irish ditties!
Get MarchingGet Marching
A new month calls for more music that'll move ya!
Love is in the AirLove is in the Air
Breathe it in deep and let yourself float away on a cloud of romantic bliss!
Get it OnGet it On
Dim the lights and set the mood for an evening of perfect pleasure.
Single FilesSingle Files
Celebrate your personal freedom and strength with this small batch of empowerment.
Missing My LoveMissing My Love
Love may be lost (for now), but you're far from alone.
winter heatWinter Heat

Put on your fuzziest socks, pour some cocoa into your favorite mug and snuggle up with these heartwarming winter wonders.
new_years_resoluteNew Year's Resolute

Those goals aren't going to achieve themselves. Inspire yourself to come up with and keep your 2012 rsolutions. Here's to new beginnings!
new years festiveNew Year's Festive
Whether you're dressing up to go out or preparing for a mellow midnight at home, you've now got 17 minutes of music to hype yourself up for a Happy New Year!
christmas classicsChristmas Classics

Traditions are at the heart of this holiday, and these timeless artists do true justice to some of our most traditional Christmas songs.
christmas sillinessChristmas Silliness

Give yourself a gift of the giggles by turning up these endearingly twisted Christmas ditties.
christmas spiritChristmas Spirit

Administer and antidote to the endless loop of Christmas muzak being piped through malls and radios across America.
holiday travelsHoliday Travels

Don't let delays, cancelations, crowding and other travel trials bring you down. Here's a start to making your journey as enjoyable as your destination.
holiday shoppingHoliday Shopping

Get geared up for competitive consumerism with some smooth and groovy. *Also good for power gift-wrapping.
This recipe calls for equal parts quirky and quaint, just like being with the fam for Thanksgiving dinner!
november_nudgeNovember Nudge
Sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, let's give this oft' overlooked month a little sonic love.