Food Allergies: A Kid’s View

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My dear friend Jenn and her exuberant, talented son Ryan have created a video to talk about Ryan’s peanut allergies for Food Allergy Awareness Week.

(Ryan can also be seen in some of my photos from the UK, where he accompanied me as his alter ego, Flat Ryan. The photo on the left is from O’Brien’s Castle.)

They have been through quite a journey as a family in dealing with Ryan’s allergies, and I hugely acknowledge them for putting out the word to help others understand how all of this works. Many kids know that others around them have something going on that forbids peanuts during school or playtime, but they may not be sure why, or how it all works. Ryan to the rescue!

The next video will be from Ryan’s sister, Morgan, and I love that she will share what it’s like for her to have a brother with food allergies.

Well done, folks!

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