Olive Oil & Sugar Face Scrub

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Guess what? You can save yourself a whole lot of money, time and trouble when it comes to keeping your skin baby soft. This home beauty treatment is a little riff on our discovery that chefs sometimes use olive oil and salt to exfoliate their hands, and Jennifer swears by it.

You can use this anywhere on the body, and when we tell you it leaves you soft, we are so not joking. Your skin will glow and feel like silk — especially your face.

Be sure to scrub gently, and use granulated table sugar so the grains are small. If you are committed to raw sugar, just please be sure to grind it finely in a spice grinder or food processor, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a scratching post, and we cannot have that on our conscience.

You’ll also taste sweeter from head to toe, and that can never be bad.

Now, here’s the easiest recipe in the whole wide world:

Make a semi-thick paste with 1 tsp sugar to 2 Tbsp olive oil (approximate — make more or less depending on your exfoliation mission).

Scrub gently, rinse.

You’re welcome.


  • http://chelpixie.com Chel Wolverton

    This is *wonderful*.

    Especially on lips. Makes you entirely more kissable.

  • amy chamberlain

    This post reminds me of something I have been thinking about of late… I am looking to gradually replace all of my health & beauty products with safer alternatives. However, many of the products I’ve found include oils, so I’m hesitant to use them as in the past make-up and face washes I’ve used led to break-outs.

    My question is – are there certain oils that don’t generally cause break-outs? I’d also like to try homemade masks/facial scrubs like the one used here but unsure of whether the oils in it will lead to break-outs.

    Any advice?

    • foodphilosophy

       So sorry Amy, I didn’t see this. I find that if I use the olive oil too often (more than once a week), it can cause a breakout. This is a great thing for us to research, so I’ll request that the editors do that. Thank you!

  • Britt

    Omg thank u !!!!! This is the best scrub my skin is GLOWING and its suuuuper smooth . I also used this recipe as a lip scrub :) but i used sugar instead of salt ;)

    • http://zenfullydelicious.com Karen Harris

      This is our most-popular post. Thanks for loving it.

  • Guest

    Can you keep this in a pot without it going off?

    • http://zenfullydelicious.com Karen Harris

      I wouldn’t keep it for years. (I’m sure you’ll use it long before then anyway!) Since it is olive oil-based, and you can keep oil safely for a long period. Just keep it away from heat or direct sunlight shining through the bathroom window.

    • foodphilosophy

      Olive oil does have the potential to go rancid, so you want to keep it in an airtight container and in a cool, dark place. Use your judgment — if it smells funny, chuck it. This is why I make it in small batches.

  • guest

    works great especially when you’re pregnant!

    • olive oil for skin

      how it woks for a pregnant ? can you elaborate?

  • lauryn

    does it take away black heads and pimples

  • Elizabeth Stevens

    Thankyou for that,,,,, makes my face looks younger really love it

  • luli

    Can it regular olive oil or does it have to be virgin olive oil?

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  • denise

    Add some lemon juice and this works wonders as a daily facial scrub for acne-prone. I have suffered from adult acne for many years, and this scrub has kept my skin clear (and soft! and reduced fine lines!)

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