Olive Oil & Sugar Face Scrub

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Guess what? You can save yourself a whole lot of money, time and trouble when it comes to keeping your skin baby soft. This home beauty treatment is a little riff on our discovery that chefs sometimes use olive oil and salt to exfoliate their hands, and Jennifer swears by it.

You can use this anywhere on the body, and when we tell you it leaves you soft, we are so not joking. Your skin will glow and feel like silk — especially your face.

Be sure to scrub gently, and use granulated table sugar so the grains are small. If you are committed to raw sugar, just please be sure to grind it finely in a spice grinder or food processor, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a scratching post, and we cannot have that on our conscience.

You’ll also taste sweeter from head to toe, and that can never be bad.

Now, here’s the easiest recipe in the whole wide world:

Make a semi-thick paste with 1 tsp sugar to 2 Tbsp olive oil (approximate — make more or less depending on your exfoliation mission).

Scrub gently, rinse.

You’re welcome.


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