A cornucopia of holiday recipes

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Whether you’ve been gluten- or dairy-free forever, are new to these diets or have someone in your life who has restrictions, there are enough holiday recipes (more than 75!) to keep you happily cooking and baking well into the new year.

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Cleaning Up for the Holidays

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Facing a houseful of guests for the holidays? Dreading all that cleaning? Don’t. Here are our favorite green cleaners that will make your home sparkle. And we promise, there’s no white-glove test afterward.

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Skin-Brightening Holiday Mask

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Is the holiday party approaching? Is indoor heating making you look a bit peaky? We have a natural solution.

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Quick Chicken Noodle Soup

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Cold winter days bring with them the sniffles and the wish for a steaming hot mug of soup. This easy-peasy chicken soup recipe from Cooking Light more than grants that wish.

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The Dark Depressing Days of Winter

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As the days get shorter and darker, do you find yourself feeling a bit blue? It may not be the holidays. It may be seasonal effective disorder. Read on to see what causes it and how you can cope.

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