Simple Home Spa Ideas for Autumn

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We’ve assigned Tara, our natural beauty diva, to rummage through the cupboard and fridge to give us some ideas for freshening ourselves up now that the chilly weather is upon us. We think some of this is downright tasty.



This time of year, with Fall winds approaching, lips can get chapped and, well, not very attractive. We can’t have that walking around, so if you need a quick, easy fix for those lips, pucker up. Almost everyone I know has some brown sugar in their cupboard, so take a warm, dampened washcloth and gently rub the brown sugar on your lips using small, circular movements. It will not only exfoliate your lips, but make your kisses sweet too.


Your skin is just as likely to get dry this time of year. What good are kissably sweet lips if your face looks dry and tired? My home remedy for dry skin is yet another staple from the kitchen: Mash an avocado with just enough olive oil to make it creamy, add a tablespoon of sugar and rub it gently onto your face prior to your normal wash routine. (Note: Raw sugar is not the best idea here, as the grains are too large and will scratch the skin.)


While we’re on the subject of avocados, here’s a homemade mask to make your hair soft and shiny: Mash an avocado with a mango and about two tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl. If the mangos are to tough to mash, puree them in a food processor. Comb the mixture into your hair and leave it in for as long as possible. If you are brave enough to risk your pillowcases, wrap your hair in a towel and leave the mask on overnight, rinsing it during your morning shower. Wash and style as normal.

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