TED Talk: The Brain in Your Gut

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One of the reasons we’re so committed to healing illnesses via food in combination with mental and emotional wellness is due to a very simple fact: Your digestive system is the second largest surface area in the body, and actually operates with its own brain. You may already know this, but hey, if you don’t, you just learned something.

A friend passed us a most interesting (and entertaining) TED talk from Heribert Watzke on that second brain, and how cooking has affected our evolution as a species. If you want a better understanding of how that gut brain works, Watzke provides an explanation here — and even more importantly, notes that our big brain has the capability to override our little brain. Though he is speaking generally here, it is worth thinking about when it comes to stress, emotional upset and what that can do to our insides.

We will be interested to see where his experimentation leads to find a way to communicate the language of the gut brain more precisely through cooking. What do you think of his talk? Please leave a comment and let us converse on the language of gut language.

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