Hug me. Gently.

When your body is screaming, it’s hard to focus on just getting through the motions of a given day. Sometimes you want nothing more than a big hug, but it just hurts too much. In those moments, it’s more important than ever to be patient with our bodies, and work WITH them to get our fibromyalgia and chronic pain symptoms under control.

Remember, the angrier and more stressed you are about it, the more you are creating a vicious cycle of pain flare-ups. Take a deep breath, accept that this is how it is for today, and be good to your body.

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So, I haven’t yet delivered the update video I promised in my last post, when I began my nutritional detox. The news is good, with significant weight loss, glowing skin and lots of pluses, so you’ll hear about that soon enough.

The other piece of this fibromyalgia phase is a bit tougher. I’ve spent the past few weeks coming to terms with having impaired brain function, and all the things I’ve made that mean. Dealing with sore muscles is one thing; dealing with a brain that needs mending is another thing entirely, and when the science and testing prove that it needs mending, there’s no hiding from reality.

I’ve always been smart.

I’m the girl who could read the newspaper at 4.

At 5, my school had me reading to the 6-year-olds at story time.

Smart is WHAT I AM.

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5 Stress-Relieving Stretches

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It’s easy to get bent out of shape during the holiday season. To keep your body happy and relaxed, we offer some stress-releasing stretches you can do right at your desk.

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Fibromyalgia has no cure. But it does have a solution.

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Jennifer has been working with her cohorts, including Dr. Steven Geanopulos, our coaching team and experts, to provide a better way — one that actually offers a solution to fibromyalgia. It is backed by science and experience, and we will soon offer it to you.

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Welcome to a new conversation about fibromyalgia.

We’ve decided that it’s time for a shift in consciousness, because fibromyalgia isn’t going anywhere. But rather than be at the mercy of scientific research, misdiagnoses, or our physical symptoms, we want something else to drive the dialogue: Our strength. We’ve decided that it’s time for each of us to be our own superhero. Feel […]

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Can eating carbs ease inflammation?

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Can a diet study targeted to help the obese also help those with chronic inflammation?

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