Food is supposed to be a source of comfort. Right?

Sometimes, however, it can be the source of our illness. When dietary staples like wheat, milk and sugar become our foe, it can be overwhelming to navigate what’s safe to eat, how to dine out, or how to just feel normal once in a while.

Here we’re dealing with the broader issues, so you can go to the recipes section for the actual noshing part.

Our mission is for you to live deliciously.

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Tips for a gluten-free Thanksgiving

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Diane Eenigenberg, owner of Lia P Gluten Free bakery in Westmont, IL, shares the secret to a luscious gluten-free Thanksgiving meal. Hint: It really is a secret.

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Our favorite Halloween treats

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All those sweet Halloween treats can be a real horror for those of us with gluten or dairy allergies or intolerances. But never fear, little goblins. We’ve scoured the web for the best treats (no tricks), courtesy of our GF and DF pals. These ideas are devilishly good.

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So, You Need to Go Gluten-Free. Now What?

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It’s Celiac Awareness Day! If you need to go gluten-free, here are 5 tips for keeping your cool while making such a big life change.

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Should Kim Kardashian Go Gluten-Free?

With the reality star broadcasting to the world that she has psoriasis, there is now a spotlight on the condition. Let’s take a look, because scientifically, the link between psoriasis and gluten is one to examine.

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Gluten-Free: One Year Later

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Jennifer shares the road she has traveled in the past year of altering her diet and lifestyle. It has been rocky, but worth the bumps.

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