The food you eat can be your best medicine.

When it comes to chronic illnesses like Celiac, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the key to feeling well lies in the very food we eat. It doesn’t take a pill or a special treatment — we can get some or all of the symptoms under control by watching what we eat. And with food sensitivities like wheat, dairy or other food allergies, having a meal can seem like Russian Roulette. However, just because you have a limited diet does not mean you cannot eat well and savor the colors, flavors and textures of delicious food. It’s one of the reasons this very site exists, because we do not believe in limitations.

Life — and food — are meant to be enjoyed. Here’s what we’re savoring.

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We’re in the homestretch.

The holidays are in full swing. That means that a long month of eating and drinking. And like a bad one-night stand, January 1 will arrive, bringing with it regret, remorse and a few extra pounds. How about changing that worn-out tune? This time around, end the year on a health(ier) note by sticking to these nibbles at your next bash. Just maybe, these goodies will be keepers.
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A cornucopia of holiday recipes

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Whether you’ve been gluten- or dairy-free forever, are new to these diets or have someone in your life who has restrictions, there are enough holiday recipes (more than 75!) to keep you happily cooking and baking well into the new year.

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Quick Chicken Noodle Soup

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Cold winter days bring with them the sniffles and the wish for a steaming hot mug of soup. This easy-peasy chicken soup recipe from Cooking Light more than grants that wish.

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Cardamom Hot Chocolate

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There’s just something about cardamom. It’s powerful aromatic properties soothe the spirit and add a touch of something different to ordinary hot chocolate.

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Roasted Pumpkin & Vegetables with Creamy Polenta (Gluten-Free)

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Fall’s bounty of fresh pumpkins, crisp sweet bell peppers, and tender zucchini blend tastefully together over creamy, warm polenta. This simple dish will be sure to please anyone on a cool autumn evening.

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