Will Subway Have Gluten-Free Sandwiches?

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Jennifer recently attended a VIP evening to discuss entrepreneurship with Fred DeLuca, who launched Subway — which has surpassed McDonald’s as the world’s largest restaurant chain — at 17 years of age.

It’s very rare for DeLuca to agree to interviews, so his chat with Kate Rogers from FOX Business offers a rare insight into his personality.

Off-camera, Jennifer inquired about Subway’s exploration with gluten-free, as several locations recently tested gluten-free sandwiches in several locations after owners recognized a demand in the marketplace. Sadly, in reality the very low demand (less than 2 sandwiches per day) did not warrant the cost of continuing. In response, Jennifer quipped “Well, I usually just have them put my ‘sandwich’ on a salad, so the bread is not necessary,” and Fred quickly came back with “That’s the best option anyway!”

We agree. And as someone who had to live on Subway while on the road filming a series, Jennifer has had lots of variations on that theme!

See the interview below (Jennifer is at the :56 mark), and the full article here.

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